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Lean Six Sigma Businesses-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Cleveland

As more companies and industries in the USA implement Lean Six Sigma, the industry is growing, but this is also thanks to how individuals and practitioners are finding ways to boost their personal projects as well. If you don’t believe us, it is a matter of seeing how students and business professionals are adding more value to their curriculums while obtaining great results in their own businesses and goals. We can help you understand the methodology and decide if it is something you want since our experts at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Cleveland High School Students of Ohio have worked with it for over 11 years.

Anyone who is interested in using this methodology should take the time to understand how the industry works, why it is growing, and why they should worry about being part of it.

For it, let’s introduce you to this: LSS’s roots are in the United States, and it was formed when American industries were confronted with Japanese products and manufacturing. 

It was created by implementing methods that focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. This is without the need to use more resources but instead reduces costs and increases revenue.

Kaizen is focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, but this only influences the methodology we are talking about today, as Kaizen is the method used by Japan.

It has been a huge help to Japan’s manufacturing industry and what caused American companies to fall behind in the 80s and the need for LSS to show.

LSS increased the production and efficiency of companies and put Japanese companies below American ones a few years after its implementation.

Six Sigma and Lean were two methods that led to Lean Six Sigma. Combining these two created a system that could increase performance and satisfaction while still adding more value to processes and cycles.

It is very popular because it is universally adaptable and can be used by anyone as long as training and certification are acquired.

Practitioners and individuals need to adopt Lean Six Sigma’s structure and principles in their industry to get the desired results.

LSS is America’s shining star, and this is all thanks to how people have made it work.

How Lean Six Sigma Industry Has Evolved in 10 Years

Lean, as an individual approach to industrialization, has been a powerful tool since then and was one of the key methodologies that enabled LSS. The reason we mention it is because understanding how the methodologies involved in the creation of Sigma work will help us understand the entire extension of our main one.

This independent method has been around since the 1940s, and its main goals include customer satisfaction and reducing waste.

Six Sigma, which is also known for continuous improvement and waste reduction, was the second method that made LSS possible. It is integral to the whole process through the DMAIC structure.

Six Sigma can improve manufacturing but also measure, analyze, and improve various elements and aspects. This quality control method is often used in large-scale manufacturing plants, but it can also be used in other industries such as education or healthcare.

People searching for solutions to their problems helped to grow America’s Lean Six Sigma industry. LSS was only intended for manufacturing, but they realized that it could be used to help set up a plan and structure to identify and measure problems, analyze them, find solutions and implement them to ensure that the problem doesn’t become a constant eyesore.

Lean Six Sigma & Its Growth in the USA

You will see that Six Sigma is now used in more industries than just manufacturing.

  • Healthcare because it saves time searching for records or other resources so that professionals and patients can concentrate on their patients.
  • Legal and Financial Services will benefit because this sector is process-driven, and this means more steps can be automated and reduced.
  • Education since LSS allows schools to operate more efficiently and redirect more resources towards the classroom. If students learn to use the methodology, they can add value to their curriculums.

Our team at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Cleveland can help regardless of your industry, interest in training, and even if you are in the city or state.

We will help you navigate the process and provide detailed explanations of the LSS method. For more information, send us an email, or make sure to give our team a call.